RSI tech 1
Independant label-Ram records.
Production-RSI tech 1.
Top Notch MC-Valantine Mc-fiend,The V.
Tracks like-House of da big beat.
i need ya-special Fx ft Tall Mc plus THE V.
King of a Thousand sons.
Get down-Blapps possey ft Valantine Mc.
Get out on the Dance Floor ft The V and Tall Mc
Produced at Monroe studio's by Special Fx and Remixed by Hank Hughes.
New tracks
A massive catalogue.
Tracks like 'DRAC'-My LIE,Extortion,Coalition,She don't want,Why do people fall in love,Leaf to a tree,Good News,Wanna b,Sicosis,dead man a walk,
Kan't testa,Hose you down,Beatfatskillz,everyday,Really wanna,Dance for Money,Sedeng.
Hardcore rap tracks like:
Spurtin,Rap Mudah,Bang Bang pop,Ten Nine Eight,Awaddis.
Dance tracks Like:
Flight in motion,Fog alert,JazyHouseTekno,Cool Breeze,The mayhem mix,
Trancr dance,Irratical,Dance Floor Battle,Dance Impact,Myfinalee,Ge
Get Drunk,Dance,The Return.
Techno dance tracks Like:
H2)X1Plus 3,Kinetix,Battle Dis,Bip Bop,Bass lick,Bumpin,etc.
Plus loads More-Bonus tracks-Mable,(albums)-Kanlelie-Rap Mudah-Gutterman,Rekindle3,I don't need to know,Mycynfony,warp 6,7th domination,scenario 8,parallel 4,etc.
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if you wish to see more vids from 'RSI tech 1. dance impact jazyhowsytekno             (fog alert)          ( kandlelite)     ( dancing in the mist)     (RSI tech)          (RSI tech 1)     ( infatuated with dance)
(7th domination)

RSI tech 1 is an uptempo rythm,with weird and strange riffs,submissive,sub-bass heavy bass-line,with a thumping beat.
One for the clubs and the underground warehouse enviromernt.
From the 'BATTLE DIS'project..                    (irratical by RSI tech 1)                 (cool breeze by RSI tech 1)        (dance floor battle by RSI tech 1)                     (dance Impact)

 Dance Impact.
Cool breeze.
Dance floor Battle.

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